Bohra Qeema Ki Khichdi and Khurdi Recipe

Bohra Qeema Ki Khichdi and Khurdi

Bohra Qeema Ki Khichdi and Khurdi is a tasty fundamental course formula, which is set up with minced sheep, chicken, ginger-garlic glue, rice, moong dal and a melange of flavors. This formula is an ideal mix of zesty and fragrant flavors. You can make this formula inside 1 hour 20 minutes, be that as it may, you will love the time spent on making this dish once you take a nibble of it! This dish isn’t just heavenly but on the other hand is high in protein as it contains protein-rich nourishments like egg, sheep and chicken. Along these lines, set up this completely delightful dish and serve it to your friends and family. You are unquestionably going to get praises for your cooking aptitudes! We as a whole love bhuna keema with khichdi and we love biryani as well. Here is the joined the decency of qeema and the rural taste of moong dal khichri alongside bubbled eggs, seared potatoes and singed onion. All these in one biryani pot bringing about supreme desi heavenliness. Qeema khichri is conventional bohra winter dish presented with ‘khurdi’ (smooth lamb soup with mint) and kachumbar serving of mixed greens. The blend is completely soul warming with all basic ingredients.The yellow shade of khichri is so enticing and engaging

How to make Bohra Qeema Ki Khichdi and Khurdi

Drench rice and gram for 60 minutes.

Wash mince meat in huge bowl, strain water and put in a safe spot.

Bubble eggs in pot. Expel shell and cut into four parts.

Fry potatoes in ¾ cup oil in a different wok until firm. Continue mixing so potatoes are uniformly seared.

After potatoes fry 1 cut onion in same potato oil for decorating. Subsequent to fricasseeing save the oil, we will utilize it later.


In enormous skillet put 1 cup oil and fry onions for qeema until on medium fire until brilliant darker.

At the point when onions for qeeema are brilliant seared. Include dry flavors (cumin, cloves, dark pepper, turmeric, coriander, dark cardamom, red bean stew powder and adjust red stew) pop and afterward include wet flavors( ginger, garlic, green stew glue). When flavors are imbued, we will include tomatoes, blend. Spread the covers. Cook for one moment.

Include qeema and cook medium low for 15 minutes. On the off chance that there is overabundance water, dry it. We will require little sauce for biryani. ( You can likewise smoke your qeema with charcoal at this stage in the event that you like smoked nourishment.)


In a huge pot for biryani take water salt, cinnamon, cloves, cumin , turmeric and dark pepper and carry it to bubble. Include doused rice and grams. Cook for 10 minutes or until 1 ‘kani’, 80% rice are cooked.

When khichri is cooked strain and leave in strainer for barely any moment so all water is depleted.



Smear oil in the base of biryani pot that we spared from singing. Spread 2/3 of khichri in the base layer.

Include a layer of qeema, potato, bubbled eggs, coriander, chilies and dark pepper. Spread with remaining khichri. Include remaining oil from singing khichri.

Keep the rice for dum for 15-20 minutes on medium low fire.

Wash rice and daal and douse for 15 minutes in container. Put water to bubble. Include rice and daal, salt too. At the point when done expel from fire and set aside. In another sear onion till darker. Include all zest and afterward pour over Khichdi.

When serving put a layer of Khichdi with a slight layer of qeema. Make a few layers this way. Take the dish and put in stove for around 10 minutes.

Qeema Ki Khichdi Ingredients


400 grams or 2 cup rice – (chawal)

500 grams or 2 ½ cups split green gram – (moong dal)

8 dark peppers – (kali mirch)

4 cloves – (laung)

1 inch cinnamon – (dal cheeni)

1 teaspoon turmeric – or a squeeze nourishment shading

½ teaspoon cumin – (zeera)

salt to taste – (namak)


¾ kg mince meat hamburger or sheep – (keema)

½ kg or 3 enormous onion – (piyaz), cut

½ kg or 6 medium tomato – (tamatar), slashed or puree

½ kg or 4 medium potato – (aloo), cubbed and singed

1 singed onion for decorating

½ cup yogurt – (dahi), whipped

1¾ cup oil

2 tablespoon ginger glue – (adrak)

2 tablespoon garlic glue – (lahsun)

2 tbs green bean stew glue – (choti hari mirch)

1 teaspoon red bean stew powder – lal mirch

½ tablespoon cumin – (zeera)

2 tablespoon coriander powder – (dhanya)

½ teaspoon turmeric – (haldi)

½ teaspoon dark pepper – (sabut kali mirch)

8 cloves laung

2 inch cinnamon stick – (dal cheeni)

5 to 7 round red bean stew – (gol lal mirch)


1 bunch green coriander slashed – dhanya

2 medium green bean stew – thick cuts

4 to 5 enormous bubbled eggs – (anday)

1 medium onion – brilliant singed for decorating (lal piyaz)

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