Chanar Bara Recipe

Chanar Bara

Chanar Dalna or Cottage Cheese Ball Curry is a legitimate Bengali formula. I recall, when I was a kid, my grandmother used to make chanar dalna pretty much every Saturday, and I just can’t overlook the flavor of that curry. The fundamental two elements of this dish are curds and potato. It’s a basic formula without onion and garlic. Chanar Bara is a lesser known Bengali sweet dish formula that will be cherished and savored by individuals all things considered. Bengal is well known for its sweet dishes and this one is additionally one of the pearls from the state’s sweet fortune. Chanar Bara formula is simple and can eb arranged rapidly at home and needs little smoothness . You should simply splash pan fried paneer hitter in sugar syrup and serve. On the off chance that you are the sort of individual who loves the intermittent sweet gorge, Chanar Bara is the ideal dish for you. This basic sweet dish will give you the perfect measure of sweetness. Chanar Bara is perfect for individuals with a sweet tooth who need to have a go at something new and distinctive to satisfy the sweet yearnings. The planning of this simple treat will bring you praises and acclaims from every one of your visitors. Serve this Bengali sweet dish at your kitty party, pot karma, buffet or some other exceptional event and watch your loved ones lick their fingers as they relish the sweet kinds of the pastry. Be set up to get huge amounts of solicitations to share the formula of this simple to make dessert. Along these lines, follow this bit by bit formula to make this basic sweet dish and appreciate with loved ones.

How to make Chanar Bara

Warmth the milk, when it begin to bubble, stew the fire and include the lime juice. Mix well.

Warmth until the water unmistakably isolates from the milk.

Presently switch off the fire and let it cool for 2 minutes.

Take a metal strainer, spread it with a flimsy cotton or muslin material. Put the soured milk in the strainer.

Wash the chena well with cold water. It evacuates the harshness of lime.

Presently gather the fabric and hang for 30 minutes to trickle out water.

Following 30 minutes, crush the overabundance water and spot the chena on a plate.

To Make the Curry –

For making the chena balls, massage the chena with 1 tbsp of maida, turmeric powder and salt.

Massage the chena and make a delicate mixture. Presently by taking little bits from the mixture make 10-12 equivalent size round balls.

Press the chena balls gently with your palm and give them a level round shape.

Warmth oil in a container or kadai.

Put the chena balls cautiously into hot oil and fry them until become brilliant dark colored.

Channel oil and keep them aside.

Presently in a similar oil, include cumin seeds and inlet leaves. Hang tight for them to snap.

Include cubed potatoes and fry them for around 3-4 minutes.

At that point include cumin powder, turmeric powder, salt, red bean stew powder and entire green stew into the container.

Include ground ginger. Mix and saute the potatoes and flavors until the oil isolates from the sides.

At the point when the sauce begins leaving oil from sides, include water and sugar.

Stew for 10 minutes or till the curry thickens marginally.

At the point when the curry is done, include explained margarine or ghee and garam masala powder. Give them a decent mix.

Ultimately include the seared chena balls into the sauce and blend them delicately.

Cook for 2-3 minutes and switch off the fire.

Tips :

Try not to cook the chena balls for a long-length of time or they will break effectively.

Ensure you have enough curry to splash the balls, in light of the fact that the chena balls will douse a portion of the curry or jhol.

Present with steamed rice or roti.

Chanar Bara Ingredients

To Make Chena Balls –

Chena or Cottage Cheese (200 gms)

Generally useful Flour or Maida (1 tbsp)

Turmeric Powder (not many squeeze)

Salt (not many squeeze)

To Make the Curry –

Cumin Seeds (1/4 tsp)

Vegetable Oil (2-3 tbsp)

Inlet Leaves (2)

Potato (2 medium size)/cut into 3D squares

Red Chili Powder (1 tsp)

Cumin Powder (1 tsp)

Turmeric Powder (1/2 tsp)

Salt (to taste)

Entire Green Chili (2)

Ground Ginger (1/2 tsp)

Sugar (1/2 tsp)

Garam Masala Powder (1/2 tsp)

Explained Butter or Ghee (1/2 tsp)

Water (2 cups)

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