Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun

gulab jamoon is treat formula arranged from milk solids which is then plunged in hot sugar syrup. generally, it is set up from milk khoya, anyway there are a few other simple varieties too. one such varieties is getting ready with effectively accessible milk powder. gulab jamun can likewise be readied khoya and with moment gulab jamun blend too.With celebrations around the bend, it’s an ideal opportunity to prepare for the festivals. Truth be told, in India festivities are fragmented without acceptable nourishment. So,we thought of sharing a basic yet tasty gulab janum formula to add sweetness to your festives. Gulab Jamun is a quintessential Indian sweet made during extraordinary events and celebrations. To set up this sweet pleasure, you need some fundamental fixings like universally handy flour, khoya, milk and sugar. Not at all like, Rasgulla which should be cooked with a ton of care, Gulab Jamun can be arranged effectively and can be presented with an assortment of appetizing dishes like Samosa, Kachoris, Pakoras. You can even be imaginative while serving Gulab Jamuns and pair them up with custards and even desserts. To make this simple Gulab Jamun formula progressively delightful, you can set up the batter with ghee.This won’t just tie the mixture, however will likewise add on to the flavor of this delicacy. Here’s the means by which you can set up this astounding treat by following some basic advances and become a master at making Gulab Jamuns. This simple formula makes for an ideal pastry that you can serve on extraordinary events like celebrations, potlucks, commemorations, smorgasbords to give some examples. On the off chance that you are wellbeing cognizant and need to appreciate this treat without feeling remorseful, at that point you can set up the sugar syrup utilizing stevia or sans sugar. To make the formula rich and scrumptious, you can include finely cleaved kaju or pista. To complement the flavor of these luscious Gulab Jamuns, you can include some saffron strands while making the sugar syrup. This gives a decent yellow tint to this dish and makes it increasingly sweet-smelling. In the event that you are partial to milk and you like the smooth surface, you can decorate it with some consolidated milk and top it with some finely hacked pistachio and cashew nuts. Gulab Jamun actually meant rose berries, while rose methods gulab and jamun are profound purple shading berries. Considering how to make gulab jamun? You’ve gone to the ideal spot. Indeed, you would now be able to make India’s preferred sweet in the solace of your home and relish this luscious Indian sweet with loved ones on any uncommon event.

The most effective method to Make Gulab Jamun

1.With the impact point of your palm or the base of a level metal bowl, crush the khoya, with the goal that no grains remain.

2.Mix in the flour and heating pop and manipulate into firm batter. You can utilize a nourishment processor as well.

3.The mixture ought to be firm however flexible and ought not feel dry. On the off chance that it feels dry, wet your hands and work the batter once more.

4.Shape the batter into marble-sized balls (jamuns) that are smooth and creaseless. The shape can be round or oval.

5.Heat ghee in the kadahi till a bit of batter hurled in comes up without a moment’s delay.

6.Lower warmth and fry a solid shape of bread till light dark colored (this brings down the temperature of the ghee).

7.Lift out bread and include the same number of jamuns as will fit in, without one contacting the other.

8.Keeping the warmth low, fry these till a brilliant darker everywhere.

9.Drain the jamuns out of the ghee, and fry the following part, expanding the warmth for a couple of moments and afterward bringing down it again before including the jamuns.

10.Keep the gulab jamuns aside till the syrup is prepared.

11.Mix the sugar and water and spot over low warmth, mixing till the sugar breaks up. Ensure it doesn’t bubble.

12.Increase the warmth once the sugar breaks up, and afterward heat blend to the point of boiling.

13.Add the milk and water blend and keep bubbling over high fire, without mixing.

14.Skim off any rubbish that gathers on the sides of the skillet.

15.Cook till syrup thickens a piece. A finger plunged in marginally cool syrup should frame a covering on it for a couple of moments.

16.Take syrup off stove and cool for at least 30 minutes. Strain through a fine nylon strainer or muslin fabric.

17.Add cardamom and heat syrup to the point of boiling once more.

18.Add the seared gulab jamuns to it and put off the warmth. Let jamuns splash for in any event 30 minutes before serving.

Gulab Jamun Ingredients


1 cup sugar

1 cup water

3 cardamom, powdered

1 tbsp lemon juice


9 tbsp milk powder

3½ tbsp maida/generally useful flour/plain flour

1 tbsp rava/semolina/sooji

touch of preparing pop

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp ghee/explained spread

4-5 tbsp milk, warm

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