Mutton Kashmiri Korma Recipe

Mutton Kashmiri Korma

We were having a blazing discourse, my companion and I. You know those sorts that start calmly over a subject as arbitrary as what size dress Kareena Kapoor wears yet end up in an exchange about new age innovation or Cricket and you overlook what you were examining in the middle. In any case, despite everything you need to exhibit your rhetoric aptitudes and never stop for breath in such a case that you did, the others would dominate and afterward you would be at the listening end, which you obviously don’t need in such a case that you won’t talk the world will be denied of a gigantic piece of information that no one but you can bestow. Phew! There I needed to do that to come to a meaningful conclusion.

Presently, back to the story-we were talking about nourishment. Despite everything we have not comprehended the riddle of how we landed at a warmed talk about how which nourishment was progressively zesty and hot, Kashmiri or Andhra ? We examined the benefits of our own foods however to our profound lament understood that we had restricted information about flavors, chilies and cooking when all is said in done thus settled on a truce. This was before Google knew it all about everybody. Goodness yes! the individuals from the pre google time are not yet wiped out.

So just to demonstrate a point, we concluded that we will both cook a dish from our foods and request that companions judge and vote. We were not kidding about it, or so we thought. The skirmish of the fledgling cooks started yet as opposed to casting a ballot, we wound up appreciating how unique every food was but there was something that united them and integrated them with one.

On one side was the Mamsam Pulusu, red hot and tart and then again was the Marchwangan korma ( Kashmiri Mutton Chili korma) ; hot, red, strange. There was no correlation. The two of them stood tall encompassed by oils and flavors and caused us to overlook what the entire discourse was about.

The one thing that puzzled many individuals however was how could I figure out how to make a sheep/goat dish without slashing an entire heap of onions and crushing two or three dozen tomatoes. Well that is a mystery that I never again wish to keep covered up. I am posting the formula for the equivalent Marchwangan Korma, made in sweet fennel powder and searing red Kashmiri chilies.

So in the event that you have companion’s who can begin a talk on one subject and proceed onward to a thousand others quickly and appear to be arriving at no resolution, make the Marchwangan korma. Who realizes this may very well turn into the following theme of dialog.


In a bowl blend the bean stew powder in 3 cups of water and keep aside

Warmth the oil, ideally in a dutch broiler or a substantial bottomed skillet

Somewhat pound the green cardamom and cloves and include them in the oil

Include the bits of sheep, Stir everything together

Include the cinnamon stick and the dark cardamoms

Cook on medium warmth, blending once some time until the sheep begins to turn rosy dark colored. (around 20 – 30 minutes)

Include the remainder of the flavors with the exception of garam masala and blend to join. Include the salt as well.

Presently turn the warmth to medium high and Add in ¼ C of the red bean stew water blend into the meat. Mix to consolidate and continue blending and let the water dissipate before including more stew water.

Guarantee the meat and flavors don’t evaporate, however enough water needs to dissipate and the meat needs to discharge some oil before you include more bean stew water.

Continue rehashing this procedure until the entirety of the water is utilized.

After you have included the last group of water,and it has dissipated, the meat ought to be fork delicate.

– If it is fork delicate Add in ¼ C of water and garam masala and let it cook revealed till the oils isolated and the sauce resembles a thick sauce.

– If it isn’t fork delicate yet( now and then the period of sheep/goat is a factor) include some high temp water, spread it and cook on low warmth for around 5-10 minutes or until the meat is delicate and the thick sauce like consistency is accomplished.

Present with naan, crisply made rotis or plain rice ; a serving of mixed greens of onion, cucumber and lemon juice and a salted chaas to finish it off.

Mutton Kashmiri Korma Ingredients

1 kg bits of sheep/goat cut into reduced down pcs

3-4 Tbs oil

2 green cardamoms

5 cloves

2 dark cardamoms

½ tsp cinnamon powder

½ inch cinnamon stick

2 Heaped tbs Kashmiri bean stew powder

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp garam masala

½ tsp ginger powder

1 tbs fennel powder

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