Palak Gosht And Shivratri Raita Recipes

Palak Gosht

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Palak Gosht or meat cooked in spinach sauce is a brilliant solace nourishment presented with rotis parathas or nan with a bit of margarine. It’s a tasty home style dish made well known by eateries the whole way across, Palak Gosht is a basic dish to cook and it looks very inviting.

While spinach is cooked with meat in a few foods as a stew, this specific formula of cooking sheep or any meat with spinach is from the Punjab locale of India and Pakistan, a land where fields are brimming with wheat, rice, corn, mustard, tomatoes and a few vegetables where it is called as “Palak Gosht”. Meats like Beef and lamb (goat meat) are cooked alongside crisply ground flavors in spinach sauce giving it a rich shading and scrumptious taste.

make Palak Gosht

Stage 1

Clean and wash the meat. Puree ginger, garlic and green chilies alongside yogurt in a blender. Include 1/4 tsp cumin powder. Marinate the meat right now about 60 minutes.

Stage 2

Blanche the spinach in bubbling water alongside 1/2 Tsp salt for about a moment, channel and puree the spinach.

Stage 3

Warmth oil in a weight dish, include sound leaves, dark cardamom and cloves. At the point when the leaves start to broil, include onions and fry till they are very much cooked.

Stage 4

Include coriander powder and saute for a couple of moments, include cumin powder and 2-3 tbsp of water, decrease the fire and permit the flavors to get singed.

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Stage 5

At the point when the oil starts to isolate, include the meat alongside the marinade and mix well. Keep the gas fire on high and cook till the marinade lessens and oil begins to surface. Include tomatoes and keep mixing. After the marinade is for the most part consumed in the sheep, include salt, 2 cups of water and close the cover of the weight dish. Lessen the fire to least after one whistle and let it cook on low warmth. Switch off the gas following 25 minutes.

Stage 6

Open the container after the weight drops all alone, check for the doneness of meat. In the event that the meat is tumbling off the bones, it is cooked. Keep the fire to least and include the greater part of the pureed spinach, give the curry a decent blend and cook revealed till the oil surfaces.

Stage 7

Not long before serving whirl a portion of the pureed spinach and a handle of margarine (discretionary).

Serving Suggestion

Serve this home style Palak Gosht with hot rotis, parathas or nan with a dallop of home-made margarine

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Palak Gosht Ingredients

Sheep 700 Grams (Beef can be utilized as well)

Onions 4 cleaved finely

Ginger 1 Tbsp ground

Garlic 1 Tbsp squashed

Green Chilies 4 seeded and finely cleaved

Spinach leaves 250 Grams

Tomatoes 4 bubbled, skin evacuated and finely hacked

Yogurt 1/2 cup

Powdered cumin 1 Tsp

Coriander powder 2 Tbsp

Narrows leaf 2

Dark Cardamom 1

Cloves 4

Nutmeg powder 1/4 tsp

Oil 1/4 cup

Salt to taste

Margarine 1 handle


On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to marinade the meat, include the ginger, garlic and green chilies after stage 4. Fry them well, include meat and fry the meat till it gets dark colored. After the meat tans, include the yogurt, fry for around 3-4 minutes and proceed with stage 5

Shivratri Raita

Shivratri Raita 1

Maha Shivratri is praised for a huge scope in India to respect Lord Shiva. A few lovers go to the holy stream Ganga to gather the blessed water and many individuals quick during this time. The principle thought of the quick is to avoid any type of grains. This purges the framework as well as builds the body’s insusceptibility. Shivratri Raita is one such sauce that is set up during the quick time frame. It contains carbs, proteins and starches to keep the stomach full and the yogurt or curd that is utilized to set it up fills in as the primary fixing in the dish. It helps in keeping the framework cool from within. Raita is a backup with numerous Indian thalis and is relished everywhere throughout the nation. It adjusts the flavors appropriately and furthermore adds freshness to the entire dinner which is likewise valuable in processing the nourishment appropriately

Make Shivratri Raita

Absorb sugar ½ liter of the water utilized. Keep aside.

Wash clean all other dry fixings, aside from cardamom if utilizing powder.

Absorb 2 cups of residual water. Keep aside.

Permit each doused thing to represent in any event 2 hours.

Pound all doused fixing (not sugar) to a fine glue.

Utilize a stone processor (manual or electric) if conceivable.

At the point when the glue is extremely fine, blend remaining water.

Shivratri Raita 2

Spot a solid muslin strainer over a huge profound vessel. Or on the other hand tie a solid muslin fabric over edge of vessel and use to strain.

Press through muslin with back of palms, removing the fluid into vessel.

Include remaining water, a little at once to remove more.

Pour – back a portion of the concentrate and press, curb.

Rehash this procedure till the buildup gets dry and husk-like.

Include milk, sugar and rosewater to the extricated fluid.

In the event that utilizing cardamom powder blend it in with the milk.

Blend well. Chill for an hour or two preceding serving.

Shivratri Raita 3Shivratri Raita Ingredients

1 cup: Milk

1â½ cups: Sugar

1/4 cup: Dried or crisp Rose petals (gulkand assortment)

1â½ liters: Water

1 tbsp: Almonds

1 tbsp: Kharbooj/Tarbooj seeds cleaned (industrially accessible)

(these are cleaned dried seeds of watermelon and melons)

1 tsp: Peppercorns (entirety)

½ tbsp: Khuskhus (poppy seeds)

½ tbsp: Saunf (aniseed)

½ tsp: Cardamom powder or 15 entire cases

½ tsp: Rose Water

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